Announcing “Via Roaming,” the second annual SVA in Rome student exhibition

Via Roaming invitation

VCS student Victoria Hristoff e-mailed me yesterday from Rome with information about Via Roaming, an upcoming student exhibition staged at Uno Su Nove Gallery to commemorate the end of the second year of the SVA in Rome program. The exhibition will take place from May 11th to May 13th at Uno Su Nove, with a reception from 6 to 8 pm on Monday the 11th. Here is a description of the show from SVA and Uno Su Nove’s press release:

The School of Visual Arts and Uno Su Nove Gallery are proud to announce, Via Roaming, an exhibition featuring students from the School of Visual Arts in Rome.

The exhibition includes works from artists who have resided in Rome for a five-month period. Thus, the notion of temporary relocation is of central importance. Collectively, they all inhabit a foreign country together. Yet each artist holds his or her own separate chain of experiences. These differences in experience both overlap and separate according to time and place.

The artists have created works existing in the ecotones of community and individual existence. The intimacy of the studio space has encouraged the conscious and subconscious integration of aesthetic and conceptual qualities. However, as a continuous dialogue within the studio arises, the artists have focused on personal experience above all. This attention to the subjective, within a larger discourse, allows Via Roaming to yield the eclecticism that it does. Approaching old habits with new perspectives, the artists begin to understand the personal development that derives from relocation—and just how many hands can come from that.

Additional information about Via Roaming and SVA in Rome and images from this year’s session are available on the program’s Facebook and Twitter pages. Uno Su Nove is located in Palazzo Santacroce, Via degli Specchi 20 in Rome, and can be reached by phone at +39 06 97613696 or e-mail at

Over the course of the summer, I will post a few more entries here about the SVA in Rome program and some of the VCS students who have participated in it.

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