Announcing the VCS scavenger hunt, starting now

To celebrate the start of the new academic year, we’re holding a scavenger hunt for all incoming and returning students in the Visual & Critical Studies program. In the competition, two-person teams will take selfies showing both team members at specified locations and will post them to Instagram or Twitter with a special hashtag; the first two teams to achieve the contest’s goal before the deadline will win a prize (see below for details). The contest begins today, and all current VCS students are invited to participate.

Here are the instructions. Good luck!



Team up with a friend and take selfies at the locations listed below (both team members must be in each image).

Submit your selfies by tagging VCS on Twitter or Instagram @visualcritical with the hashtag #VCSscavengerhunt and the corresponding number in the description.

First two teams to reach twenty items before October 1st wins a Canon Rebel.

Selfie List:

  1. With a skateboarder in Flushing Meadow Park
  2. Sitting on the Andrew Haswell Green Memorial Bench in Central Park
  3. At the Coney Island Freak Show
  4. Eating a Nathan’s hot dog in front of the Cyclone
  5. Crossing the oldest bridge in New York City
  6. With the Statue of Liberty on the Staten Island Ferry
  7. With Department Chair Tom Huhn
  8. Getting hustled playing chess in Washington Square Park
  9. With the “Show time, what time is it?!” crew
  10. With a tourist/tourists in Times Square (No naked cowboys or desnudas)
  11. With someone who wants to know if you like comedy
  12. With your zodiac sign on the ceiling of Grand Central Station
  13. Getting a dollar slice from Two Bros
  14. In a rowboat in Central Park
  15. Eating a street vendor pretzel like a New Yorker
  16. With your favorite work of art at the MET
  17. With your favorite work of art at the MoMA
  18. With your favorite work of art at the MoMA PS1
  19. In a New York City botanical garden (Bronx or Brooklyn)
  20. Strolling the Highline
  21. In front of the mayor’s house
  22. Waiting for the L train
  23. With the Unicorn tapestries (research required)
  24. Searching for dollar deals at the Strand
  25. With Moe
  26. With the NYPD
  27. Eating a dollar donut at Peter Pan Bakery
  28. Passing City Hall Station
  29. At Roosevelt Island’s small pox hospital
  30. At the Dream House
  31. At the Earth Room
  32. At the Ghostbusters firehouse
  33. At the Grand Central Terminal Whispering Gallery
  34. At Greenacre Park
  35. At Trinity Church Yard
  36. The Berlin Wall section
  37. On the Roosevelt Island Tramway
  38. In front of the White Horse Tavern
  39. Lying on the Sidewalk Subway Map in Soho
  40. Inside the New York Public Library
  41. Underneath the Chelsea Hotel sign
  42. At the Strawberry Fields Memorial
  43. At the Broken Kilometer
  44. With the Brooklyn Bridge love locks
  45. With a plate of pickles at Eisenberg’s
  46. With the South Pole on Tottenville Beach, Staten Island
  47. On the Pulaski Bridge
  48. At the Jean-Michel Basquiat Commemorative Plaque
  49. Going to a Chelsea opening
  50. Eating a plate of hand pulled noodles from Xi’an Famous Foods
  51. Eating pastrami or matzo ball soup at Katz’s
  52. Under the arch at Washington Square Park
  53. Waiting in line at Roberta’s
  54. Lounging by Prospect Park Lake
  55. Eating a lox bagel
  56. Eating a dirty water dog
  57. Eating a black and white cookie in front of Tom’s Restaurant
  58. With the Panorama of the City of New York
  59. Hanging out at Socrates Sculpture Park


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