Announcing the VCS online library catalog

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Update #2, 8/13/2012: Justin has moved the library’s page to the domain and reformatted it to allow visitors to search all of the available titles, or display a list of all the books and periodicals that fall within any of several different categories. For more details, check out the VCS Library tab above.


A screenshot of the VCS online library catalog.

Recently, VCS Systems Administrator Justin Elm spent several days cataloguing and organizing all of the books and periodicals in the VCS library (425 as of this writing, and still growing). As part of this, he entered information about each item into an electronic catalog, which is now available online.

The catalog is available in three variations, as follows (you can click on the links to access them):

Book List – This link leads to list of all the books in the library. Clicking on the title of a book will open a page containing a brief description of its contents.

Honors – This link shows books in the VCS library that are required reading for the humanities classes in the SVA Honors Program, which is coordinated by VCS department chair Tom Huhn.

Periodicals – This link shows the periodicals to which the VCS program subscribes. Each periodical’s title contains a link to its web page.

I have also created a permanent home for these links on this blog; you can visit it by clicking on the “VCS Library” tab at the top of this page.


Update, 1/3/2012: Justin has redesigned the catalog to make it match the format of the VCS blog more closely, and has also added a few more features to the list. I have slightly rewritten the descriptions above and on the “VCS Library” page of this blog to reflect these changes. Here is a screen capture of what the banner for the updated catalog looks like:

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