Announcing the new VCS Vimeo page


Above: a short animation by VCS student Lily Lewis, made for the VCS first-year foundation drawing class.

Late last week, VCS Systems Administrator Justin Elm launched a brand new page on Vimeo that will serve as a permanent home for videos from the Visual & Critical Studies department. The page will include a wide range of clips, including student-made films, projects created for VCS classes, and recordings of lectures and other special events.

As of this writing, the VCS Vimeo page has 17 videos posted, including contributions from alumna Katie Armstrong and fourth-year student Elektra KB, seven animations made by students in Amy Wilson’s first-year foundation drawing class, and a few VCS-sponsored lectures and panel discussions from SVA’s Art in the First Person lecture series. The page will continue to grow over the coming months as Justin receives and posts new videos, and I will announce new entries here as they are added to the site.

You can check us out on Vimeo at this link. The link is also included on this blog’s updated Video page, which you can find here or at the page tab above (just below the banner image).

Visual & Critical Studies