Announcing “The Lure,” this Saturday at Youme Haus

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This Saturday, September 28th from 5 pm to midnight, Youme Haus in Brooklyn will present “The Lure,” a group exhibition of works by 16 artists, including several VCS and SVA alumni. Youme Haus was founded by VCS alumnae Sofia Klapischak, Amy Kolenut, and Brooke Tomiello earlier this summer; this is the third exhibition they’ve organized. (You can read more about the space and the prior exhibition in this post from July.)

Here’s the text of the press release for the show (you can also download a PDF at this link):

Youme Haus is pleased to present “The Lure”. We wanted to challenge our curatorial process by fragilely curating this show using the artwork’s aura as a guide. The experience we have with artwork continually leaves us looking for more, often expanding the inner and outer personal landscape. When one encounters a well-curated show, it’s rarely easy to leave without a freshly sprouted perspective. This experience begins the moment the artwork looks back at the viewer. Miriam Bratu Hansen describes this occurrence in reference to Walter Benjamin’s Aura; “I’m referring to the more common understanding of aura as an elusive phenomenal substance, ether, or halo that surrounds a person or object of perception, encapsulating their individuality and authenticity.”[1] The Lure aims to foster an experience between the work and the viewer, allowing the consciousness to be opened.

[1] Hansen, Miriam. Cinema and Experience: Siegfried Kracauer, Walter Benjamin, and Theodor W. Adorno. Berkeley: University of California, 2012. Print.

Works by the following artists will be on display:

Katie Armstrong

Patrick Berran

Morgan Blair

Ryan Brady

Renee Delosh

Elizabeth Glaessner

Rachel Hayes

Dmytri Hryciw

Aidan Koch

Karl Larocca

Eric Mavko

Matt Reynolds

Kristen Schiele

Jen Schwarting

Chris Uphues

Gerard Weber

“The Lure” will take place this Saturday, September 28th from 5 pm to midnight at Youme Haus, located at 99 Meserole Street, #4, Brooklyn, New York, 11206. For more information, check out the Facebook event.

Here are some of the works that will be in the show:

Morgan Blair, Toxxxic Avenger, acrylic and spray paint on paper, 22" x 22", 2012

Morgan Blair, Toxxxic Avenger, acrylic and spray paint on paper, 22″ x 22″, 2012

Aidan Koch, Venus in Front of the Mirror

Aidan Koch, Venus in Front of the Mirror


Patrick Berran

Patrick Berran

Visual & Critical Studies