Announcing “in situ,” a new project from Mossless

Here’s an update we’ve received from VCS alumnus Romke Hoogwaerts about a new project from Mossless, the photography-oriented website and publishing venture he co-founded with partner Grace Leigh back in 2009:


Thank you for following Mossless. If you haven’t already seen it, we’ve launched a new video project called in situ, a web series that follows a different photographer with each episode. We’ve already published one with Jody Rogac and today we published one with Amy Lombard.

Amy is working on a project about Meetups. We followed her as she went to a Chihuahua Cinco De Mayo/Mother’s Day/Birthday event, as well as a yoyo meetup in Washington Square park:






We hope you enjoy this new project! If you do, please share it where you can — we’re trying to spread the word about it.

Romke Hoogwaerts @ Mossless

You can read about Romke and Grace and see some of Mossless’ earlier projects at the following links:

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