Announcing diSONARE 01, a new literature and visual arts magazine co-founded by VCS alumna Lucia Hinojosa


Today’s post covers the recent launch of diSONARE, a new magazine founded by VCS alumna Lucia Hinojosa and her co-editors Diego Gerard and Rodrigo Quintero. The first issue (shown above) features a cover painting by Lucia, and also includes artworks by VCS alumnae Jenna Lee and Shellyne Rodriguez. The second issue is going to come out in March; contributors will include VCS faculty member Kara Rooney and VCS alumnus James Kelly.

Here’s more about diSONARE from the magazine’s website:

diSONARE is a bilingual magazine publishing fiction, non-fiction, poetry and visual arts three times per year. It features work in Spanish and English by new and established artists, hoping to bring forth talent in all the previous mentioned genres.

diSONARE is based in Mexico City, and will devote a larger portion of the magazine’s content to work written in Spanish. However, it will feature at least one piece of fiction, nonfiction and poetry in English.

The magazine is meant as a platform for new careers and a new forum for established voices.

The first issue’s editorial note also includes a longer statement about diSONARE’s purpose and inspirations. Here’s a brief excerpt:

diSONARE 01 is the first edition of a bilingual literary magazine publishing fiction, essays and visual arts by emerging and established artists.
The publication has two clear purposes. Firstly, the diffusion of quality artwork. Secondly, the creation of an alternative space for artists and writers whose work merits exposition. diSONARE seeks to pride itself as a platform for established and emerging talent. The acceptance of established artists and writers shall justify the quality of the published work and bring forth the value of the previously unpublished.

The publication includes bilingual content to recognize the influence of the foreign in the process of creation. The focal point of diSONARE is work by Mexican artists and the Spanish language, but every issue will include international work in every category. This first issue showcases work from different backgrounds, of different genres and styles, as it will happen in every forthcoming publication.

You can read the rest of the editorial note at this link.

To see more of what diSONARE has to offer, visit one of the following links:

diSONARE (Español)

diSONARE (English)

There’s also a lot more to see at the diSONARE Facebook and Tumblr pages.

Copies of diSONARE are available via the magazine’s subscription page. Options for purchase include an electronic version, a single issue of the print edition, or an annual subscription delivered through the mail.

If you’re in the New York area, you can also find diSONARE for sale at the following retail shops:

Spoonbill & Sugartown, 218 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn

St. Mark’s Bookshop, 31 Third Avenue, New York, NY

Soho News International, 186 Prince Street

Bouwerie Iconic Magazine, 215 Bowery

Lafayette Smoke Shop, 63 Spring Street

Works by VCS alumna Shellyne Rodrigues in the first issue of diSONARE. You can find more in the visual arts section of the magazine's website

Prints by VCS alumna Shellyne Rodriguez in the first issue of diSONARE. You can also find more by Shellyne in the visual art section of the magazine’s website, along with works by several other artists including VCS alumna Jenna Lee (who also designed the magazine’s website).

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