Announcing “Democracy & the Left,” this Tuesday February 25th at 6:30 pm

democracy & the left poster

Democracy & the Left
Tuesday 2/25, 6:30-9pm
School of Visual Arts, 133 West 21st St, room 101C


Alan Akrivos (Socialist Alternative)
Dick Howard (Stony Brook)
Alan Milchman (Internationalist Perspective)
Joseph Schwartz (DSA)

From the financial crisis and the bank bail-outs to the question of “sovereign debt”; from the Arab Spring to Occupy Wall Street; from the struggle for a unified European-wide policy to the elections in Greece and Egypt that seem to have threatened so much and promised so little — the need to go beyond mere “protest” has asserted itself: political revolution is in the air, again.

What is the history informing the demands for greater democracy today, and how does the Left adequately promote — or not — the cause of popular empowerment? What are the potential futures for “democratic” revolution, especially as understood by the Left?

Platypus Affiliated Society / Sponsored by BFA Visual & Critical Studies


For more information about this Tuesday’s Democracy & the Left panel, including some of the questions that the panelists will address, visit the full event description on the Platypus Affiliated Society website.


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