Announcing a new VCS course for Fall 2016 – Digital Performance: New Media Meets Performance Art, taught by Ofri Cnaani

caption: Ofri Cnaani, Recalculating Route, 2015 photo: William Gomes / Inhotim Institute

Ofri Cnaani, Recalculating Route, 2015
photo: William Gomes / Inhotim Institute

This fall, the VCS Department is adding a new Digital Performance course taught by artist Ofri Cnaani to our curriculum. Here’s the course description from the SVA 2016-2017 Registration Book:

  • AHD-2326-A
  • Digital Performance: New Media Meets Performance Art
  • Thursday 12:00-2:50
  • Fall semester: 3 art history credits
  • Instructor: O. Cnaani

In this course we will explore the new art forms that emerge from digital platforms and how digital networks, new matrices for productivity, and ever-expanding forms of control and surveillance redefine representations of the body in both private and public space. Artist Christi Nielsen once wrote: “On whatever platform I’m on, I consider it a space. Each medium becomes a venue.” Using presentations, texts and discussions, such as Nielsen’s, as well as collaborative projects and participatory exercises, we will learn how the act of “seeing” is being reconsidered and reconstructed, while asking ourselves how artists can remain creative and critical in the digital public space. Specifically, we will look at artists who use their own body to challenge conventions of representation and criticize the ways we produce and consume in the age of over-connectivity. We will explore digital and tactical performances used for public interventions, networked feminism, programming and hacking as choreography, and video gaming as the new model of interactivity. The course is guided by the work of such artists as Cécile B. Evans, Hito Steyerl, Michael Mandiberg, Blast Theory, Trevor Paglen, Angela Washko, Kate Sicchio and Alex McLean, and Simon Denny, as well as by concepts and pronouncements by critics and visionaries, including Jonathan Crary, Lev Manovich, Tiziana Terranova, Judith Butler, Donna Haraway, Steve Dixon, Nathaniel Stern, Philip Auslander and Nicholas Carr.

To learn more about Ofri Cnaani and her work, check out her website and the following links:

Visual & Critical Studies