Announcing a Kickstarter for Dripkit: Portable Pour Over Coffee, designed by Ilana Kruger and Kara Cohen

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Today’s post features a recently launched Kickstarter campaign for Dripkit, a portable one-cup coffee brewing system designed by 2013 VCS alumna Ilana Kruger and her collaborator Kara Cohen.

The campaign’s website describes the Dripkit system as follows (all images via Kickstarter):




A perfect cup of coffee anytime, anywhere.

Dripkit is a portable, single-use, mess-free way to brew the perfect cup of coffee — there’s no grinding, no measuring and no gadgets.

Dripkits are self-contained and pocket-sized, making them easy to use anywhere. Whether you’re at the office or on top of a mountain, Dripkit goes where you go.





To learn more about Dripkit (including information on the product’s genesis and design, how their coffee is being sourced and prepared, rewards for campaign backers, and more), check out the Kickstarter campaign page. You can also read more on the Dripkit website, Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter accounts.









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