Angela Miskis awarded the 2013 VCS residency in the Leipzig International Art Program

Recent VCS graduate Angela Miskis has been awarded this year’s scholarship to spend five months as an artist in residence in the Leipzig International Art Program in Leipzig, Germany. Angela will be the fourth person from VCS to participate in the program, following Zeke Decker (2012), Brooke Tomiello (2011), and Katie Armstrong (2010).

Here are a few comments from Angela about her interest in the program, and what she hopes to learn while she’s there:

I have spent the last four years absorbing all I could about painting and drawing. I worked with oil and acrylic; developed a great sense for color and composition; and learned about painting mediums, techniques and surfaces. I extensively studied the figure, and explored representation and abstraction. Among a sea of infinite possibilities, I feel that painting is my anchor in the art world.

Last semester was the first time I decided to focus solely on representation. Creating images of people and objects was very challenging since I didn’t want them to be too literal and distract the viewer’s attention from the properties of paint. The work of the faculty at The Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig presents me with inspiring examples of the knowledge and techniques I want to develop. For example, Ruprecht Von Kaufmann’s painting, Schiffbruch mit Wolf, strikes a balance between the subject of two men at sea, the exquisite use of paint’s tactility in the rendering of the waves, and a flat shadow that verges between water moving and the stillness of a final brushstroke. Studying at Leipzig will help me arrive at an exactness and clarity of thought, between content, process and material, which I find in the work of Von Kaufmann and other artists in Leipzig.

My work has been greatly influenced by French Painting; so I look forward to expanding my visual vocabulary by studying a different angle of the history of paint and analyzing my art under the German painting tradition. I also welcome the unique opportunity to work with and learn from the practice of an international group of artists. I look forward to the new challenge of questioning and rethinking my painting practice under all these new perspectives.

I will post updates on how things are going for Angela after she joins the program in the fall. In he meantime, you can see some of her work at her Tumblr.

    A screenshot from Angela's Tumblr (click to visit the site and see more of her work)

A screenshot from Angela’s Tumblr (click to visit the site and see more of her work)

To learn more about the Leipzig International Art Program, check out the LIA website. There’s also some information about the Leipzig School of Painting in this post covering a VCS-sponsored lecture that LIA founder and curator Anna-Louise Kratzsch gave at SVA in 2010.

You can read about Zeke Decker’s 2012 residency at this recent post, which also includes links to earlier pieces about Brooke Tomiello and Katie Armstrong’s residencies.

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