An open call from Benjamin Lee Sperry for an upcoming show in Bushwick and Glasgow

2016 VCS alumnus Benjamin Lee Sperry just sent us the following call for images and writings to be included in a show that he’s co-organizing for early October:

Dear Friends,

I’m hosting an exchange exhibition with friends of mine at the Glasgow School of Art and I would like to invite you to participate!

The NY exhibition will be held during Bushwick Open Studios, and the Glasgow end shortly to follow.

All details and concept of the show are posted below.


In tandem with our invitation of images, I would like to invite my friends that are writers to contribute poetic works that draw from the same notion of evoking memory as a physical path to the future. You are ever so cordially invited to attend and share in a reading throughout the 2-day exhibition.



Here are the details, guidelines, and contact information for submissions:

Collective Memory (the past and future is ours) an exchange exhibition:
New York – Glasgow

Curated by:
Anna Bauer and Benjamin Lee Sperry

Showing : NYC – OCT 1-2 during Bushwick Open Studios GLASGOW – Date to be determined.

We would like to invite you to take participate in an exchange exhibition hosted by friends and comrades who inhabit different parts of the world. The exhibition will feature works on paper that explore the potential for memory to be used as both a device of recollection as well as a tool to shape the future. In On Collective Memory Maurice Halbwachs states, “…even at the moment of reproducing the past our imagination remains under the influence of the present social milieu.” As artists, we consider ourselves to share in the collective membership of those whom choose to create as a means of expression, communication, and at times, change. The ideas are important, but the objects are the way in which the ideas are delivered. As humans, we all participate; we cannot help but contribute, validate, and shape what is contemporary culture.

As organizers of the project, we have intentionally chosen a broad point of departure and relatively short timeframe of notification to the participants with the intent of soliciting an immediate response, one that is more visceral than calculated. We hope to focus our attention on the imagery rather than any pre-determined agenda. We are looking forward to sharing your work with an audience across the pond.

All works must be on paper.
Maximum size – 9” x 12 “
All mediums accepted.
Feel free to include series or pieces with multiple images.
All work must be given to Benjamin or Anna by Friday Sept. 16 (so we have time to ship it)

  • Benjamin:
  • 28 Scott Ave. #114 Brooklyn NY. 11237
  • Anna:
  • +44-7459-523372
Visual & Critical Studies