An invitation to “Wellness + The Future of Oppression” with Eva Davidova and Kara Rooney, this Tuesday, May 14th at 7 pm in Brooklyn

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Here’s an announcement from faculty member Kara Rooney of an event she’s co-presenting with Eva Davidova this Tuesday evening at their studio in Brooklyn:

Dear friends,

Eva Davidova and I are pleased to invite you to
the third event in our #310B series.

Please join us for a sobremesa style dinner conversation on the connections between the wellness industry, the art market, and other forms of manipulative politics.

TUESDAY, MAY 14, 7pm – late

20 Jay Street, Brooklyn, New York 11201, Suite #310B

Jonathan Pryce in the movie Brazil (1985), directed by Terry Gilliam

In December of 2018, #310B instituted a new series of ‘happenings’ dedicated to topics we, as artists and people, feel are relevant and pressing. Each evening features a different theme and is held in the studio of Eva Davidova and Kara Rooney from 7pm – late. These events intend to mix and discuss seemingly different issues, which might give way to alternative views, associations, and unexpected modes of action. They are also an homage to clandestine gatherings, Dada performances and to movies, which take absurd actions to their logical, but at times extreme end.

Our next event is focused on the subject of “Wellness and the Future of Oppression.” Using the sobremesa style format–or dinner party that never ends–visual and performance artists, musicians, poets, scholars, healers and members of the community are invited to join together for a collective, conceptual meal that, through dialogue and discussion, will help to raise awareness and encourage action.

Please message us in advance if you would be interested in presenting your work! Live performances, musical interludes, palm reading, and other interventionist approaches to the discussion format are welcome 🙂

We look forward to seeing you there.

All the best wishes,
Eva + Kara


Visual & Critical Studies