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Lauren Orscheln interview

Last week, a new interview with VCS student Lauren Orscheln was posted on In the interview, Lauren talks about her studio practice, her use of coffee as a painting medium, and a recent exhibition of some of her work at Spina in Brooklyn during the event Coffee’s Night Out. Here’s a short excerpt:

GP: Seeing your art is like being on a journey. Can you tell me the place where you draw from?

Lauren: I start in charcoal and coffee – I sketch with those and I’ll always have a rag in one hand that I can wipe off so that I create a ground from that space. If it’s a still life, I’ll sketch so that it creates a base for the rest of the painting. Once I feel like I’ve had enough of that, I’ll paint in oil.

GP: Do you have certain environments that you like to create in?

Lauren: I go to the School of Visual Arts, so there’s a studio there. [Physically], I like to have a couple pieces beforehand around me. I like working with and around other people to draw inspiration. I think you can get too self involved sometimes. And, for me I want some perspective.

You can read the rest of the interview here, and see some of Laren’s work at her Tumblr.


Update, 12/24/2013: After I posted this, Lauren told me that she was also interviewed by Paige Cooperstein at Business Insider. The resulting profile contains a lot more information about her use of coffee as a painting medium, along with descriptions and images of several of her works. You can read it by clicking on this link or the screenshot below.

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