An interview with Jennifer D’Arbenzio on the Erica Tanov website

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Ceramics by Jennifer D’Arbenzio (via Erica Tanov)

VCS alumna Jennifer D’Arbenzio was profiled earlier this month in an interview on the Erica Tanov website, which also carries some of her ceramic work. Here’s the site’s introduction to Jen and her ceramics:

Jennifer D’Arbenzio is a ceramicist based out of Brooklyn, New York. We fell in love with the way Jennifer re-imagines the forms and shapes we interact with every day, in black, delicate porcelain. Her work forces you to look twice at the often over-looked items we all know and own, and to appreciate their design and functionality. Jennifer was kind enough to give us a glimpse into her beautiful studio, and to tell us more about the unique and truly special way she was introduced to ceramics.

In the interview, Jen talks about her artistic background and studio practice, some of her inspirations, different projects she’s been working on, and more (SVA and VCS get a shout-out too). Here’s a brief quote:

I’m really interested in common household objects that we are familiar with but don’t really pay much attention to. Objects that we live with, like a basic drinking glass, or objects that come in and out of our homes, like the little black can, without really being looked at, considered, or examined. I’m also really interested in objects that I find at yard sales or junk stores, items that aren’t really being sought after or showcased anymore. I’ve been collecting objects like these whose forms I find appealing and try to imagine them in a different way. My current collection of work is composed of very basic and familiar vessels that I tried to elevate, or enrich, through remaking them with clay. The porcelain adds a fineness and the matte black adds a richness to these very basic and familiar forms, and I enjoy seeing them in this new way. I plan on working more with these ideas in my next collection.

You can read the rest of the interview at this link.


Jennifer D’Arbenzio at work in her Brooklyn studio (via Erica Tanov)

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