An interview with Hal Foster by Bret Schneider and Omar Hussain

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Earlier this week, VCS Chair Assistant Bret Schneider sent me a link to an interview that he and a colleague did with art critic and historian Hal Foster in 2010. The piece was published in the online critical theory journal Platypus Review, for which Bret is also a contributing editor.

In the interview, Bret and Omar Hussain open with a question about the What is Contemporary? survey, in which Foster asked 70 critics and curators for their thoughts on what the term “contemporary” means in today’s art world. The resulting conversation covers a broad stretch of theoretical and art-historical ground, including contemporary art’s complex relationship to past and present society, the origins of its break with modernism, the problems inherent in treating the modernist era as a uniform entity, and the historical factors that shaped the rise and fall of the avant-garde. It’s a thought-provoking piece, and well worth a read for anyone interested in the past, present, and possible future of art and art criticism.

You can read the full interview online at this link.

If you would like to know more about Foster’s survey on the meaning of the contemporary, click here to download a PDF file containing his questionnaire and all of the responses he received.

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