An article in She Shreds Magazine on “Spool,” the new video from Natasha Jabobs’s band Thelma

She Shreds Maggazine recently published an article by Amanda Silberling about the new video for the song “Spool” from VCS alumna Natasha Jacobs’s band Thelma. Here is an excerpt from the article’s opening paragraphs:

The best way to describe “Spool” is by starting at its end: the song off of Thelma’s debut self-titled album finishes with one of singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Natasha Jacobs’ signature shrieks. These perfectly-timed, strangely alluring moments punctuate the eerie freak folk record that was released in March, 2017.

Based in Brooklyn, Jacobs wrote and produced every song on Thelma. After performing the atypically structured songs solo, she brought them to a band who helped to further develop the music. “We paid such close attention to the songs themselves, and little to no attention to ‘let’s make it sound like this band or that song,’” she says. “Therefore the result stayed very true to the strange moods and structures of the songs.”

You can read the rest here, and learn more about Thelma on Facebook and in these posts:

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