Amy Wilson’s public art project

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Amy Wilson in front of her public art installation It Takes Time to Turn a Space Around (click to enlarge).

On site now and continuing until sometime in May, a public art piece by VCS faculty member Amy Wilson is up for view at West Thames Park, at the corner of West Street and Rector in downtown New York City. Titled It Takes Time to Turn a Space Around, the piece consists of a massive (5 by 130 foot) seven-panel digital print on vinyl, based on an original watercolor drawing that Wilson prepared for the project. Sponsored by the Downtown Alliance and presented as part of a public art program called Re:Construction, the piece is hanging on a temporary cyclone fence located around the park during its ongoing renovation.

The piece is a departure for Wilson in a couple of ways. In addition to being much larger than her other work, it also lacks the tight hand-lettered text that is such a crucial part of her paintings. Since the project guidelines provided by the Downtown Alliance specified that no text could be included, Wilson planned and executed her drawings with images only. However, since the panels were originally designed with text in mind, she will be presenting a completed version of the paintings (including her hand lettering) at BravinLee programs in April.

Installation in progress.

A closer view of a panel from It Takes Time to Turn a Space Around.

More information about the project is available at this page on Wilson’s web site, and a PDF file with a working draft of the text for It Takes Time to Turn a Space Around can be downloaded at this link. Two images of the original paintings (sans text) can be found at this entry on her artist’s blog. Finally, additional shots of the project on location at West Thames part are available here.

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