Amy Wilson talks about yarn spinning and fiber arts on the Kristy Glass Knits podcast

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Faculty member Amy Wilson was recently a guest on Kristy Glass Knits, a weekly podcast by fiber artist Kristy Glass about the fiber arts world. Here are some comments from Amy about the video and her own interest in yarn spinning and textiles:

Kristy emailed me after discovering my business card mixed in with some things she had – we apparently met at a Brooklyn market some years ago, although neither of us really remember that. She invited me to be on her podcast and I agreed, knowing very little about her or what she does. We filmed everything in one take after having just met each other.

Spinning is definitely a side project of mine (I guess you could call it a “serious hobby”? It’s something I enjoy and make some extra money doing) with my fine art projects and teaching being activities that take a more primary role in my life. But at the same time, I really believe in craft, in supporting small farms, and in keeping traditional craft-making processes alive. Learning this really ancient craft and all that goes into making textiles has been really powerful for me, and it’s fun to get to share that process with others. There aren’t too many outlets on the East Coast to share this, so I was grateful for the chance to appear on this podcast. 

You can watch the podcast above or on YouTube. (Bonus factoid for fans of VCS: the video was made in the Visual & Critical Studies studio classroom on the 4th floor at 133/141 West 21st Street.)

Also, on a related note:

Here in the VCS program, Amy teaches an elective course that deals with a lot of these same topics and interests:


Fiber Arts

One semester: 3 studio credits
This course will introduce students to the basics of working within several classic American fiber arts traditions, including spinning, weaving, dyeing, appliqué, quilt-making, embroidery, and basic fabric design. While traditional ways of working and basic techniques will be demonstrated and stressed in the first half of the semester, students will use their skills to create individualized artistic projects during the second half of the course. In the end, this course is a hybrid of new and old techniques, combining craft and fine art.

Visual & Critical Studies