Amy Wilson on art, politics, and being demonized in the media

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Hyperallergic has just posted an article by VCS faculty member Amy Wilson in which she revisits a controversy over a piece she showed in New York a decade ago. For a few weeks in 2005, a small, context-free detail from her drawing “A Glimpse of What Life in a Free Country Could Be Like” became the flashpoint for a news-cycle firestorm about The Drawing Center’s proposed move to a new cultural complex at the World Trade Center site. Amy soon found herself embroiled in a flap that included the local and national media, Governor George Pataki, and relatives of several of the victims of 9/11. It’s one of those stories with no real winners: yet another case study in media hyperbole, political opportunism, sensationalism, and angry-mob scapegoating.

Along with Amy’s story, the article includes images of “A Glimpse of What Life in a Free Country Could Be Like” and several of the news stories that featured the detail. You can read it here.


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