Amy Wilson interviewed for a WNYC report on the Jersey City mural controversy [updated with an interview on the artist’s contract]

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[See update below.] Yesterday afternoon, WNYC reporter Cindy Rodriguez interviewed VCS faculty member Amy Wilson for a story about the ongoing controversy over the removal of a Jersey City public art piece on Monday. The four-minute report also includes an interview with mural artist Mr. AbiLLity, and comments from Svetlana Mintcheva from the National Coalition Against Censorship. It’s now in rotation on WNYC, and is also available in audio and transcript versions on the station’s website.

via WNYC

via WNYC

[UPDATE, 8/4/2016]

On August 4th, Jersey City blog Civic Parent posted an interview by Amy Wilson and CPA/MBA Brigid D’Souza with Heather Darcy Bhandari, co-author of Art/Work: Everything You Need To Know (and Do) As You Pursue Your Art Career. In the interview, Bhandari discusses the city’s contract with Mr. AbiLLity, listing the basic provisions that should appear in a formal agreement for a public art commission and pointing out what was missing in this particular case.

The interview is available at this link.

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