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A brief article about VCS faculty member Amy Wilson has just been published in the Summer 2010 issue of MUSE Magazine.

Billing itself as “The Fashionart Magazine,” the bilingual Italian publication bridges the worlds of aesthetics and couture by juxtaposing a wide range of features on fashion, photography, fine art, design, and pop culture. In addition to Wilson, the current issue contains pieces about artists Henri Rousseau, Paul McCarthy, Aurel Schmidt, and Adolf Dietrich; photographers Alexander Gronsky, Andrew Moore, and Mona Kuhn; and producer/musician Pharrell Williams . There are also several fashion portfolios, and a set of articles organized around the theme of nature. You can see sample pages from the current issue on the MUSE site at this link. (Note: this MUSE is not to be confused with several other titles published under the same name, including the children’s magazine or the monthly publication dealing with Hong Kong’s cultural scene.)

One of three covers for the Summer 2010 issue of Muse (click on the image to view the others).

Though brief, the piece about Wilson covers a lot of ground, describing the artist and her work before moving on to discuss the latest offshoot of her recent public art project at West Thames Park. As detailed previously on this blog, the West Thames project involved the display of a specially commissioned set of artworks on the fence around a playground construction site. After the construction was completed and the piece came down, Wilson was left with hundreds of square feet of printed vinyl containing her images. Rather than let it go to waste or add to the landfill problem, she decided to recycle the art into vinyl handbags, which she then sold through a shop linked to her web site. As the supply of vinyl has dwindled, she has started to look for uses for the remaining pieces, such as book covers for an artist book that she’s designing.

An image of the article is presented below (click for a larger, more readable version). For more information about MUSE, you can visit the magazine’s Facebook page.

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