Amy Wilson in Ideographs, opening this Friday, October 13th at Point Green in Brooklyn, with a reception from 6 to 10 pm

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New works by VCS faculty member Amy Wilson will be on display in the upcoming group exhibition Ideographs, opening this Friday at Point Green in Brooklyn:



organized by Brian Douglas
opening 10.13.17 6-10PM
close 11.4.17
point green
260 java street BK, NY
RSVP or facebook

Ideographs is based on the concept of a symbiosis between abstraction and a mostly unseen, or perhaps misunderstood narrative. The transformation that takes place within the pupa as the metamorphosis of a butterfly takes place is one of the great unseen mysteries. Data that presented itself in one form carries within it’s imaginal discs all the information of a future transformation. In similar fashion, each of the artists in this exhibition carry the vestiges of narrative but transcend mere storytelling.

This group of artists has been brought together because each of them presents work that is formally interesting, and disorienting on first glance. Upon extended viewing narratives begin to emerge, be it direct or symbolic; arrived through conversations that the artist’s works have between multiple pieces, through gesture in marks and forms, or the juxtaposition of the “real” and the imagined.

Sherry Bittle
Bernie De Chant
Erik Foss
Saul Melman
Mike Rader
Crystal Gregory & Alexa Williams
Amy Wilson

Visual & Critical Studies