Alejandra Torres’ internship at The Studio Museum in Harlem

VCS senior Alejandra Torres recently started a new internship at The Studio Museum in Harlem. The Museum’s internship program is designed to give students exposure to what daily life is like in a museum office environment. As part of this, participants get trained in some of the basics of professional arts administration. In addition to learning about museum operations, interns also take part in a variety of workshops, offsite visits, other events designed to expose them to the wider world of and public arts management.

Alejandra provided me with a few comments on her experience at the Studio Museum so far:

“Through special projects that are being given to me, I am learning about how to effectively talk about artworks and encourage viewers to be engaged in the art we exhibit. I am also learning how the museum opens conversations with the community by talking about what the social and personal meaning is behind a given piece, as well as the artist’s relationship to natural and built environments.

“Every Sunday this April, I will be working for the Museum’s Target Free Sundays program. Through creating activity sheets for this program, I have come to see the way artworks can present opportunities to test one’s ideas in a sympathetic environment, and to create useful feedback.

A photo from Alejandra of The Studio Museum in Harlem.

“As I dive into these projects, I am also discovering how to keep the momentum of communication going between children, parents, and school. Part of what I have come to understand through participation in the internship is the need to work with the fact that artists are not all alike, but that their ways of creating are equally valid, but different.

“I thoroughly enjoy working in the education department and am incredibly mindful of gaining as much hands-on experience in the field as possible. I am interested in learning from my supervisor and from other museum employees what experiences they have had while working in their field, and what they would have liked to know when they started. I would like to get more advice on what it’s like working in museum education, and what other trades would be helpful to know.”

I’ll have Alejandra keep me posted as she continues her internship, and will add information to the blog as new developments occur. In the meantime, anyone interested in learning more about the internship program at The Studio Museum in Harlem can check out this link.

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