A visit to see Maira Kalman’s art at The Jewish Museum

Last week, VCS instructor Amy Wilson took her first-year foundation drawing class to see an exhibition of works by illustrator, author, and designer Maira Kalman at The Jewish Museum in New York. In addition to a lot of Kalman’s works on paper, the students were able to see some of her less widely known art made in other mediums, including photography and embroidery.

While the class was at the museum, Kalman showed up to give a talk to a tour group from the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) in Philadelphia. Several of the students took advantage of the opportunity to listen in and learn more about her art. Random meetings like this are one of the benefits of studying at SVA; being located near the heart of the New York art scene often leads to encounters with artists, critics, and other art-world figures who live and work around the city.

A photo of Kalman (left) speaking to members of the ICA group, taken by Berny Tan. VCS student Caryn Cueto is on the right.

Visual & Critical Studies