A piece by Amy Wilson featured on Politico and Blue Jersey this morning

This morning, a tweet that faculty member Amy Wilson wrote late yesterday was picked up by Politico’s New Jersey Playbook and Blue Jersey’s daily News Roundup and Open Thread. Amy’s tweet features a fiber art piece (and wearable hat) that she made in anticipation of tomorrow’s mayoral election in Jersey City. Amy was inspired by a recent controversy that arose over alleged bid rigging within the city government; the following screenshot shows the piece and gives some context (and here’s a parallel post on her Instagram). As Blue Jersey’s Rosi Efthim says, “There’s trolling, high-level trolling, and oh-my-god THIS GLORIOUS HAT.”


The full text of Amy’s commentary – which is cut off in the screenshot above – reads as follows:

Last year I knitted Jersey City winter hats. This year, it seemed appropriate to kick off the tradition by making one in response to our local election.

So I present to you: Jersey City Christmas Hat 2017.

The quote is from Mayor Fulop’s former Chief of Staff, who was accidentally recorded speaking to another member of the admin, trying to rig a bid. (http://www.nj.com/…/listen_voicemail_at_center_of_fulop_con…) The mayor says that he alerted authorities about the alleged rigging, but the police chief at the time, Robert Cowan, states he wasn’t ever told about it.

Tired of this, JC? Election Day is Tuesday. Polls are open 6am to 8pm. The mayor is up for election as is his majority on the council. You know what to do.


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