A Strange Forest by Olena Shmahalo on SVA Portfolios

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Olena Shmahalo, A Strange Forest, 2011, wood, branches, acrylic, ink, and paper. (Click for additional views.)

Recently, the project A Strange Forest by VCS alumna Olena Shmahalo was featured in a post on Visual Arts Briefs, along with four other projects from members of the SVA community. The post was about the five most-viewed projects on SVA Portfolios, a network that allows SVA students, faculty, and alumni to exhibit their works online and network with one another. Currently, A Strange Forest has received almost 18,000 visits, making it the fourth most-viewed project on the site.

A Strange Forest is a colorful mixed-media sculpture/installation created from a found seven-foot-tall wood board, branches, acrylic, ink, and paper. On the project’s SVA Portfolios page, Olena describes it as follows:

It’s about the experience – about walking right up to it and being surrounded with the trees and cranes and everything, and hearing those little deer things speak to you. They’re quietly saying sweet things in a language you can’t quite understand, but maybe… look closer.

The page also links to other items in her portfolio, including artworks made while she was still a student at SVA. You can also learn more about her art at this VCS blog post from last March, and read a piece that she wrote for last year’s VCS senior essay workshop here.

For more information on SVA Portfolios, check out this entry on Visual Arts Briefs.

A view of Olena's online portfolio. (Click on the image to visit the page.)

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