A profile of REALSPACE, a recently launched photo/video/VR studio founded by Olivia Obin and Tenshi Fan

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Today’s post is the first entry in a late-summer series that will focus on a few of our alumni and what they’ve been up to since they graduated from VCS.

First up is a profile of REALSPACE, a multi-service photo, video, and virtual reality studio in Gowanus, Brooklyn founded by 2010 VCS alumna Tenshi Fan and SVA BFA Graphic Design graduate Olivia Obin. I contacted Tenshi earlier this week about the space, and she sent along the following information and images.

Olivia Obin and Tenshi Fan, founders of REALSPACE

Olivia Obin and Tenshi Fan, founders of REALSPACE

REALSPACE is a joint effort between Olivia Obin and Tenshi Fan to create a space for video and digital media based works to be actualized in the physical realm.

We did live video installations for a series of parties in NYC (we talk about it in the Visual Arts Journal) and now we’ve founded this hybrid studio, because what we wanted didn’t exist.


Photo-Video Studio

We work on large scale projects here. Right now, we’re building a 360° music video set for one of our favorite pop stars.

Before we opened REALSPACE, we kept finding studios that are very expensive and available only at an hourly rate, but the ideas we had usually required some level of construction.

We’re letting artists come and work for 2 days or more so there’s time for creativity and construction.


VR Lab
When it comes to creating technology-based works, the sheer cost of it all has been one of our biggest obstacles. Right now you can have a VR experience at AMC Loews for $1 a minute (!!!).

Our goal is to open up the floor to artists who want to create in VR by making the tools accessible and relatively affordable for everyone. We’ve just installed an HTC Vive and a developer ready laptop in the studio. Get in touch if you want to join the club 😉

website http://realspace.nyc
instagram @realspacenyc



I’ll be back in a few days with another entry in this series. If you’re one of our alumni and have an update about your post-VCS life that you’d like me to post, contact me at jedwards2@sva.edu.

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