A post from George Rue about the new VCS Facebook group

Hello All!

My name is George Rue, and I am guest-posting on the VCS blog. I wanted to write this to introduce myself as VCS’ Student Senator and representative to the Visual Arts Student Association. The Senator program is a new student government effort to get feedback from more areas of SVA. With more knowledge of what’s going on around campus, the government will be able to better serve you as a student.

To help connect more branches of SVA, the Senators have been asked to create Facebook groups including all students, faculty, and staff within their major.

The purpose of these pages is to provide an online forum for community members to come together and discuss issues, events, and ideas concerning their department.

I have recently created a VCS group, so I would like to invite all members on Facebook to join us! We are currently at 22 members, but having everyone involved would be even better!

Here is a link:


I will keep everyone updated on any developments regarding the page. In the meanwhile, come and join us!

Thanks, and see you all around!

George R

[UPDATE, 1/27/2012: A permanent link to the VCS Facebook group has also been added to the “Contact VCS” tab in the banner at the top of this page.]

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