A new video of Stefanie Baumann’s “Counter-shots from Lebanon”

Here’s a new video of last semester’s Art in the First Person lecture by Stefanie Baumann, “Counter-shots from Lebanon: On The Atlas Group’s peculiar way to subvert hegemonic claims to truth.”

BFA Visual & Critical Studies presents a talk by Stefanie Baumann (PhD University Paris 8) on Walid Raad’s artistic project The Atlas Group. Documenting facts “that could have been true,” The Atlas Group presents an eccentric and enigmatic world: Former Arab hostages making videos about their captivity with American hostages who allegedly projected their sexual fantasies on them; officers supposed to monitor the seaside for spies and fortune-tellers and who end up filming the sunset; The Atlas Group itself instructing photographers to shoot different places by specifying the date while giving three possible indications for the exact location; or, journalists competing to be the first to find the engine, the only preserved remnant from a car bomb. This lecture aims to explore how Walid Raad’s artistic project mediates “facts” through indexical images, subtly problematizing the different perceptions of the Lebanese wars and their outcome. The evening will conclude with a brief Q&A.

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Visual & Critical Studies