A new interview with Emily Weiner on Matter of Hand

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A new interview with artist and VCS faculty member Emily Weiner was posted earlier this week on Matter of Hand, an art-practice website that describes its mission as follows:

Often one views a work of art in its final form, isolated from the process of its creation.
Matter of Hand seeks to integrate the two, unifying the matter and the hand of its maker.

With a shared appreciation for artists of diverse disciplines and a desire to learn more about their practices,
Ella Viscardi and Helen Shaper founded Matter of Hand.

Let’s reconsider art as more than simply matter, rather, as matter of hand.

In the interview (which is accompanied by a 14-image studio slideshow), Emily talks about her artwork and her creative process. Here’s an excerpt:


Why paint?
I don’t know. I just love to paint; that is probably the real answer. It’s so malleable and beautiful. For me it’s so easy. Like if your native language is English why would you try to write poetry in French? Maybe because French sounds better, but it wouldn’t sound better if I said it. Painting is my medium, it’s the way that I’ve really learned how to speak.

But painting is so loaded. Those cave paintings in Chauvet that Herzog made a film about are so incredible. They’re just pigment; they’re just dirt and medium directly on a surface. Really we’re doing the same thing, though I’m not saying that I’m as talented or connected to my work as those painters were.

The brief snippet above barely scratches the surface of what Emily had to say. There much more in the full text, which you can find here.

Right: Emily in the studio (via Matter of Hand)

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