A Kickstarter campaign to help send Angela Miskis to the LIAP in Leipzig

Back in June, the VCS Program awarded Angela Miskis our annual scholarship to spend five months as an artist-in-residence in the Leipzig International Art Program (LIAP) in Leipzig, Germany. In anticipation of her departure to Leipzig, Angela has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds that will cover the cost of art supplies and her living expenses while she’s there. The campaign is off to a good start, but she still needs more support to reach her goal before it ends on December 3rd.

Here’s a video she put together that shows some of her work and describes her plans for the residency:

The Kickstarter page includes additional details on what she hopes to accomplish in Leipzig and what the money will be used for. Here’s some of what she has to say:

The LIAP will provide me with a huge live-in studio space, which will allow me to work on several large-scale paintings. One of my goals is to complete a minimum of five large-scale paintings of about 5 x 5 feet, each based on a series of symbols I created to depict significant memories and analyze prevailing states of mind. I also will continue to paint on found surfaces and from photographs as well as make collages and mixed media paintings. I’m a dedicated artist and through a lot of self-discipline I have been able to establish a prolific art practice. There is no single artwork that I make that doesn’t influence the others; I learn from constant production and investigation.

The scholarship highlights the promise of my work and my dedication as an artist. Your support will help me take full advantage of this opportunity by providing necessary funding for art supplies. Please see my blog or website for more samples of my work.

I have been saving every dollar I can to cover the expense of leaving my home for 5 months, air travel, and living costs. With your generous support, the funds raised on Kickstarter will go towards:

Art supplies that must be purchased on site to save on shipping costs, such as canvas and paper rolls, wood panels, painting mediums, and restocking of oil painting tubes and oil sticks.

Time: I will not be permitted to obtain employment while in Leipzig. While this allows me to completely devote myself to painting, it makes this Kickstarter campaign and your contribution even more important. Thank you very much for backing my project!

For those who pledge their support, Angela is offering a variety of premiums ranging from thank-you postcards and small painting studies to finished works of various sizes on paper or wood panel. You can find more details and view sample images of each premium on her Kickstarter page, and see some of her work on her website (shown below).

A screenshot from Angela's website, showing some of her works (click to visit)

A screenshot from Angela’s website, showing some of her works (click to visit)

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