A Kickstarter campaign and print sale to fund the production of Mossless Issue Three

Issue Three

Recently, VCS alumnus Romke Hoogwaerts announced the launch of a new Kickstarter campaign to fund the third issue of Mossless, a magazine that he and his partner Grace Leigh founded several years ago. Here’s a description of Mossless from the campaign’s web page.

What’s Mossless?

Romke started Mossless as a blog in 2009 to interview a photographer every two days, with the intention of forming a print magazine in later years. Three years later he would publish his first Issue (also Kickstarter’d), which was exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art. Grace and Romke started seeing each other at around the same time. Now they live and work together (in an apartment shared with five others) and they have created every book since Issue One together.

You can also read about the first two issues of Mossless in this blog post.

The next Mossless project will take the form of a book titled Issue Three: The United States (2003-2013). Here’s the introduction from the description of Issue Three on the project’s Kickstarter page:

What is Issue Three?

After a year of research, we spent five hard months producing Issue Three: The United States (2003-2013), an anthology of sorts, but rather a composition, of photographs of America from the last ten years. We encountered every photograph on the internet, on personal websites, or through Tumblrs, Flickr, and so on. We got hooked on the search, finding photographer after photographer with fascinating work about the lands and the people of this country. We have found among them photographers that rival the great American photographers of the past. But we wanted to publish the works all together to follow the changing atmosphere in photography.

Grace and I (Romke) are young artists living in New York. In between looking for jobs, we’ve been putting any free time to good use. We know how hard it is for photographers, too: instead of offering exposure in exchange for publishing their work, we are offering a share of the profits, to all 118 photographers involved. We are crediting each photographer’s website and we are publishing the blogs that inspired us, too. In searching for the work, we gave precedence to the photos we saw, not the artists who took them, and all photographs were first encountered online. We made a rule of it: any photographer who did not post work online (or had removed their work) was not considered. We believe what has been posted online should not be ignored.

You can read more about Romke, Grace, and Issue Three at the Kickstarter link above. The page also includes information about a print sale they’re running to help fund the book (see below), and the following video, which presents a full flip-through of their inkjet-printed preview copy of the book:

Here’s some information about the print sale from the Kickstarter page:

A number of photographers from Issue Three have generously donated prints from their personal collection to support this project. They’re available at a great price, but there’s only one of each. Some are available in a group. To see all of the prints available, and to follow updates, click here. There are more to come.

Mossless issue three print sale

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