A call for submissions for “Cutting Out,” an upcoming exhibition from Good Neighbr (deadline: 2/3/2018)

VCS alumnae Victoria Hristoff and Gabriella Moreno just sent us a call for submissions for “Cutting Out,” an upcoming exhibition they are co-curating as the newest project from the art collective Good Neighbr. Here’s some information about the exhibition and the submission requirements:

* * *

Open Call for Entries: CUTTING OUT

(2/24/2018 – 2/26/2018)

Deadline: 2/3/2018

Cutting Out aims to identify the silent parts of ourselves that are embedded in our day-to-day — parts that until realized, seem normal. Cutting Out serves as a necessary “procedure,” highlighting the danger of social complacency. Sometimes what is necessary, is not always the most comfortable choice. 

The conceptual value of the show will be rooted in the roaring conversations based on gender politics in today’s sociopolitical climate. The Silence Breakers and the #MeToo movement have finally triggered a substantial conversation in mainstream media. We hope to delve into these conversations with acute force. 

“Cutting Out” is a group show highlighting a diverse group of artists and mediums. Submissions are due 2/3! Please provide images, title & year, dimensions, material description, and specific hanging instructions, if any! 

Email submissions to: Goodneighbr851@gmail.com

Artists selected to participate will hear back via email by 2/8. 

Artwork must be physically received by curators

 (Vic & Gab,) by 2/17!


Visual & Critical Studies